to Sep 26

Beginner Reformer (Reformer Introductory)

This two session class will teach you how to use the pilates Reformer. We will cover the basic principals of pilates and explain why they are important to strengthen the core, improve posture and prevent injury. Then we will lead you through the many amazing exercises on the Reformer. After these sessions, clients are invited to join our group Reformer classes. The class will meet two Wednesday’s , September 19th and September 26th.  

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to Oct 29

Drop Two Sizes Challenge


The 8 Week Challenge will get you back into those favorite jeans or dress.  This program is designed to teach women how to change their body composition for the long term so that they no longer have to fight a losing battle with their weight.  My goal is to empower you by helping you find your inner strength as you find your outer strength.  The program creates a community of women working for the same goals.  I'll support you with workouts, food lists and journal and accountability and online support.  At the end of the 8 weeks, we will have a blow out party to celebrate all the amazing success.  I will lead you - you just have to be ready to do the work and be amazed at what you can accomplish!


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to Nov 6

Fall 2018 Align

This 10-week program will support you in establishing life long healthy habits. You will learn to change your diet, exercise habits and thoughts in order to support a healthier lifestyle.

We start on the inside and work out. For most, the goal is weight loss, but the program is so much more than just a weigh management program.

During the program, you will learn to harness your motivaion, increase your energy and self-compassion and make lasting changes that don't feel like sacrifices. The focus is on the whole self, Mind/Body/Spirit and becoming the person you want to be.

The group coaching sessions provide a supportive environment to learn from and connect with others. Members walk away saying that their favorite part of the program was the connections they created with others in the group.

Additionally, you have the support of the knowledge of a Registered Nurse/Wellness Coach/Personal Trainer to guide you.

Week 1: Overview of the Program
Week 2: Self-Compassion
Week 3: Mindfulness
Week 4: Nutrition 101
Week 5: Exercise
Week 6: Sugar
Week 7: Train Your Brain
Week 8: Habits and Willpower
Week 9: Goal Setting
Week 10: Wrap up and Moving Forward


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