Why Wait

Why Wait




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What do I have to do?
That is the first question I get.  You already have enough going on.  This isn’t shouldn’t feel like one more thing you have to do.  This is for you!
There are no strict rules.  There is plenty of wiggle room.  There is plenty of freedom and autonomy.
You know yourself best, so I’m not making up things you have to do.  I’m just encouraging you to put yourself on the list of priorities and track some of your actions.  The fact is, the things we track- get done.  Like it or not, it’s our human nature to have checks and balances.  When we shine our attention on something, we do it.  So for the next 31 days, you are just going to focus on your health and wellness.  All you have to do is make an effort and enjoy the increased awareness and accountability.  Enjoy the community of others who are also doing the same thing.  Set a goal to do at least one action in each category weekly. 

  • Get your game card- If you attend the studio, we have them waiting for you on the back wall.  We have stickers ready for you to fill your blocks when you complete an action in one of the areas weekly.  If you don’t attend the studio,  print one off.  There are two on this PDF document, so share one with a friend.  

Here is what they look like: 

What can your goals look like for each category?

Again, we don’t have strict rules. The only rule is to challenge yourself to do a little more than you are doing right now.  Small changes can result in big shifts. Big changes don’t last.  Just become more aware of your current habits and work to improve them.

Here are some ideas for each category:

Movement: What are you doing now?  If nothing, move your body a minimum of 2 days per week. If you are moving 30 minutes each time, try moving 40.  If you are only doing cardio, add some strength training. If you are doing a low intensity, try some intervals of higher intensity.  I’ll be sending you ideas along the way.

*If you are playing with the studio- the only requirement to win the T-Shirt and 15% off next package is 2 classes a week at the studio.   New Members meet this by joining!

Self Compassion:  Pay attention to how you talk to yourself. What kind of language do you use?  Would you talk to anyone else the same way?  Work on using kinder, gentler language or learning more about self compassion through books or online.  Practice saying affirmations to yourself.  Tell yourself “I love you.”  Put your hands over your heart when you are feeling pain or sadness.

Nourishment:  Eat more like you have been telling yourself to.  Maybe it is to cook more and stop eating out.  Maybe it is planning better.  Maybe it is more consistent grocery shopping. Maybe it is eating more veggies.  Try some new recipes.  Get set up with a CSA or buy more organic.  You decide.  We will give you ideas.

Connection: Who have you been telling yourself you need to call?  Who do you want to see and haven’t for a while?  Who do you want to send a card or a thank you note? Maybe you’ve wanted to send someone  a gratitude letter?  Who do you want to have more quality interactions with? Make the efforts you have been thinking about to connect with others. 

Wellness:  Get that massage you have wanted!  Have the physical you have been putting off.  Do that monthly self breast exam.  Schedule your yearly mammogram.  Dentist appointment… Eye appointment…Girly visit… (Sorry Gary)

 That’s it!  Set a goal to do at least one action in each category weekly. 

I’ll do the rest.  Each day I will send you an encouraging or informative message by e-mail over one of these topics above.
If you are on Facebook, I  will invite you into our private Facebook group. Please feel free to share ideas with the group on there!
Change your Facebook profile photo to the “Why Wait” Logo above to spread the word.

I’m ready to get started.
Get your game board and your logo (if you’re on FB) and we are ready to go!

To a month of Extreme Self-Care,