Who is Jill?

Who is Jill?

Who is Jill?

I walked into the kitchen of the studio yesterday where one of our newest and youngest members was standing.  She looked at me with her curious brown eyes and asked with genuine interest, “Who is Jill?”

This little one saw evidence of Jill in the studio- but had not yet met her, so her question was understandable.    However, her words still caught me off guard.  “Who is Jill?”   I couldn’t begin to explain in just a few sentences.

Jill is a pillar of strength.  Standing tall and strong when walls crumble around her.  Then when it’s over, she dust’s herself off, says “Well, that sucked” and moves on.

Jill is awareness.  She reads a situation by scanning the room and noticing the players.  She can tell what people are thinking and feeling without any words.  She will use this information later to determine how she will act.

Jill is kindness.  Her heart is deeply touched by others.  Her soul compels her to reach out and perform an act of kindness to help another in need.  Her capacity for kindness is unlimited.  She can continue to perform these acts over and over and over, even when she is weak and tired.  Her kindness always prevails; she can’t stop it.  She can’t NOT act to help another person.  I’ve dared her.  She says, “If I know I can help them feel better- I’m GONNA do it!!!”


Jill is gratitude.  Never missing an opportunity to say “Thank you” for a kind act or the presence of another who brought her comfort.  She reflects on what she’s been given and takes nothing for granted.  Every kindness she has been given is noted and appreciated.  She wakes up and thanks God for the day.  Her gratitude is genuine and beautiful.

Jill is honesty.  Telling you exactly what you need to hear, even if you don’t want to hear it.  She speaks the truth in love, so it can be used for good.

Jill is generosity.  Digging deeply to give generous gifts to many.  She finds things to give you that you didn’t even know you needed, but will always cherish.

Jill is faith.  Trusting in God to provide for every need.  She is not afraid.

Jill is loyalty.  Holding tight to friendships formed throughout the years.  Recognizing the role that each person has had in her life and appreciating the wonderful gifts of each individual and how they have shaped her.

Jill is a thief.  Borrowing the shoes off your feet, the glasses on your head, the drink in your cup or the food off your plate with no apologies.  But you don’t even care.  You’ll give her anything.

Jill is an open door.   An office for those who are suffering to share their stories and receive a hug.  A home to welcome any child through the door as her own, giving them all that is hers.

Jill is stubborn.  Not settling for excuses or short cuts.  Standing up for change to make the world a better place.

Jill is a sister, not only to her beloved baby brother, but to every girlfriend through the years.  She knows their secrets, shares their history, speaks their language and loves them unconditionally.

Jill is joy.  The most beautiful laugh you could ever hear.  The contagious joy that ripples through your ears and makes you smile a soul-deep smile.  Joy beyond measure.  Living her motto, “I refuse to let cancer steal my joy.”

Jill is a mother.  Looking after her 3 beautiful children and worrying if she loves them too much.  She sees the gifts each one possess and loves them each individually.  She believes in them, pushes them to become their best, sets the example of strength and love and doesn’t relent when she wants to teach a lesson.  They are her greatest treasures.  The jewels of her heart.  They are her life.  Her greatest wish is for them to walk with God.

Jill is God’s light.  Shining before others so that they may see her good works and give glory to the Father in heaven.  Matthew 5:16

Right now, she’s a magenta Mohawk in a pink sweatshirt that says, “God’s Got this!”

She is the ultimate example of Bible’s virtuous Woman.

“She is clothed in strength and dignity.  She laughs without fear of the future.” Proverbs 31:25