Were gonna REbel!

Were gonna REbel!

We have exciting news!   Rise and Shine is teaming up with REbel,

We started our Teen Align Program this spring with a focus to empower young ladies and help create a community of support through positive messages.  Ironically, this is very much the mission of REbel.  There mission includes:

  • Encouraging teens to “rebel” against our culture’s unrealistic standards of beauty, which values appearance over character and promotes low self- esteem, body bashing, conformity, the diet mentality, eating disorders, and bullying. This is what inspired our name.
  • To foster a healthy culture of kindness & acceptance, where it’s okay to be you.
  • To emphasize the importance of recognizing our own and others’ beauty and value, regardless of shape or size.

REbel was started out in Shawnee Mission and is making it’s way to the Northland.  We are proud to be incorporating the curriculum into our program and we think of ourselves as the “REbel clubhouse!”

Our REbel meetings are for girls in middle school- high school.

We meet on Wednesdays from 3:30- 5:00 PM,

The format is:

3:30  Meet, greet and share

3:40- 4:10 Coaching lesson (the girls are encouraged to help lead)

4:10- 4:40 Workout (a variety of exercises will be taught including Pilates, barre, yoga, reformer, light weights, spinning, rowing, yoga and whatever we are in the mood for!)

4:40- 5:00 Cooking demo ( we will teach the girls  how to prepare a variety of meals and snacks and discuss how the nutrients serves their bodies).

All teen girls are welcome to join and bring their friends.  The cost for each session is $5 and we encourage regular attendance.

We can not start too soon in teaching our young girls how to care for themselves and how to REbel against the fruitless pursuit of perfection.


The classes are lead by Katie Stark and Wendy Basch RN, BSN.

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