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Coaching is a collaborative process that helps people dream and design the life they want and then take active steps to make that life a reality.   The coach is there to support you as a gentle sounding board as you find your own brilliance and allow yourself to listen to your own intuition.  The coach is the steady voice reminding you that you CAN!

We offer two forms of coaching- Individual and Group.  We are happy to work with individuals one-on-one to help them reach their health and wellness goals and focus each session on their specific needs.  Please call us at 816-413-6553, to set up an individual appointment, or fill our our form to tell us how we can help and we will contact you.

(Single session $70/ 5 sessions $325/ 10 sessions $600)


We also offer several Group coaching options covering a variety of topics on overall wellness. Our groups love learning together, sharing their triumphs and struggles and forming lasting friendships. Take the survey below to let us know what you are seeking help with!


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Program Outline

Week 1: Overview of the Program
Week 2: Self-Compassion
Week 3: Mindfulness
Week 4: Nutrition 101
Week 5: Exercise
Week 6: Sugar
Week 7: Train Your Brain
Week 8: Habits and Willpower
Week 9: Goal Setting
Week 10: Wrap up and Moving Forward

10 Week Weight Management Program

In this 10 Week Group Program, we will cover a variety of topics related to health and well-being. For most, the goal is weight loss, but the program is so much more than a just a weight management program. The focus is on the whole self, Mind/Body/ Spirit and becoming the person you want to be.   The group environment offers the support and friendship of others who are walking similar journeys.  You will learn that despite your differences, you have many similarities.  You will have the support of a knowledgeable Registered Nurse/Wellness Coach to guide you.  The jewels you take from this program will last a lifetime and you will find the the right time for you to implement the changes that you desire.







My Time To Shine is our early bird combination of workout and group coaching.  We meet 3 days a week and begin with a 20 minute group coaching session followed by a 40 minute workout. The workouts vary each day and do  include reformer use some days.  Our groups enjoy getting to know each other and share a ton of laughs, starting the day off right. Registration is $150 and renews every month.  Classes are Tues/Thurs/Fri at 6:30AM to 7:40 PM.

Click here to register for next session- beginning the first day of the next calendar month. my-time-to-shine