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The Benefits of Pilates

Pilates is a method of exercise that helps restore and realign the natural curves of the spine. With a focus on core stability and strength,  Pilates helps improve posture and movement patterns.  The exercises, coupled with focused breathing,  are designed to stretch, strengthen, and balance the body.  Learning the skill of Pilates helps promote relaxation and mind/body awareness. It is not just a valuable method of exercise, but also supports physical rehabilitation of all kinds and enhances sports performance.

What Equipment is Used?

At Rise and Shine, we teach both Mat and Reformer Pilates classes. We use an assortment of small equipment such as stability balls, resistance bands, toning balls and hand weights.  We also offer a variety of fitness classes including Barre and Cycle.

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-Lengthens muscles, improving flexibility

-Enhances balance, coordination and circulation

-Can be done with no impact so is gentle on joints (hips and knees)

-Helps prevent and rehabilitate injuries

-Improves sports performance (golf, tennis, running)

-Increases the mobility of the spine and joints

-Brings awareness to posture and helps realign the body

-Can reduce back pain by strengthening core muscles (abdominals and back)

-Teaches you to use more stabilizing muscle groups to prevent overworking the joints

-It is a mind body activity which helps improve cognitive function (prevent decline)

-Helps build strength and tone the arms and legs as well as the core



What is a Reformer?

The reformer position with cords student and trainer.

The Reformer is a spring-loaded piece of Pilates equipment which has evolved over the decades. It was invented by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900’s and was used to aid in recovery from a variety of different injuries and coordination challenges. By using spring tension, the student could focus on control and balance, while receiving feedback from the body.   This increased body awareness, improved posture and built strength.

Today, the machines include interchangeable pieces which allow the student to work in a variety of positions. Today’s machines provide all the benefits of the past and allow a greater variety of exercises to work both the core and the periphery (arms and legs).

Because there is much to learn when beginning the reformer program, we recommend either private or group introductory sessions before joining a scheduled class.