Pilates and Fitness Classes

We offer both fitness and reformer classes.  The reformer is a versatile machine that uses body weight and spring resistance to provide a workout that promotes muscle length and strength, as well as flexibility and balance.

Our classes are small, allowing  us to provide individual modification based on the needs of our clients.    We work very hard to make each workout the best workout for each individual.

Our Intensity Rating will help you determine the right class for you.

Intensity rating: ★  Suitable for clients new to pilates, clients with a injury or special condition, or clients that prefer a slower pace

Intensity rating: ★ ★ Introduces more challenge, coordination, and/or intensity

Intensity rating: ★ ★★ A high intensity, fast paced workout

Introductory Sessions

– required for those who have never used the reformer prior to attending the group reformer classes.

Intensity Rating: 

We will cover the basic principles of pilates, help you get comfortable with the machines, explain the many benefits of pilates and help you gain confidence as you understand the workout.

Reformer Classes


Back Into Fitness

Intensity Rating: ★

A class specially designed for those who are reintroducing fitness into their lives- particularly after an injury or period of inactivity. Focus is on stretching and mobility as well as building strength, confidence and improving posture.  (no prior experience needed)

Reformer I

Intensity Rating: ★

A complete reformer workout at a moderate pace. This is the perfect next step for those who have completed the introductory sessions.

Reformer II

Intensity Rating: ★★

A faster paced reformer class combining some intermediate moves further challenging your strength, stability and coordination.

ALL Levels

Intensity Rating: ★★

During our introductory sessions we will cover the basic principles, help you get familiar with the machines and equipment, explain the benefits and help you gain confidence as you understand the Pilates workout.

Reformer Interval

Intensity Rating: ★★★

A high intensity circuit workout using the Pilates reformers as well as other fitness equipment such as stability balls, weights and the dreaded one minute interval timer.


Intensity Rating: ★★★

Cardio Barre takes your Barre practice to the next level. This class incorporates use of the reformer, adding  jumps and other elements in an interval style.


Fitness Classes

No prior experience is needed for fitness classes. Join at any time. Sign up online and your first fitness class is FREE.


Mat Pilates

Intensity Rating: ★

Pilates exercises performed on the floor using a mat and various props (flex bands, light weights, balls).  This class will help you to coordinate both mind and body as you improve your posture, strengthen your core and reduce back pain.

Jill’s Hope Pilates Class

Intensity Rating: ★         jills-hope

A FREE mat Pilates class for those currently undergoing cancer treatment or one year post-treatment and their caregivers.

Click here to learn more about Jill’s Hope.


Intensity Rating: ★★

Incorporates elements of Pilates and dance and is done at the ballet bar.  This is particularly suited for toning legs and gluts and reducing hip pain caused by muscle imbalances.

Ride and Row

Intensity Rating: ★★

Ride and Row is the ultimate no impact cardio workout. Using Spin Bikes and Concept 2 Rowers, this class will get your heart rate up and make you sweat without any impact on your joints. We will combine strength, endurance and interval work.

Power Sculpt Yoga

Intensity Rating: ★★★

Power Yoga Sculpt combines Yoga, strength training and cardio with weights. The weights encourage participants to move deeper and with more length in each Yoga posture with cardio bursts for aerobic and anaerobic states.



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