Our Team

Joann David- Coaching, Pilates, Spin

I am a registered nurse. I spent the first 5 years of my nursing career at Research Medical Center, working with orthopedic and neurology patients. I then transitioned to supporting bedside care givers, working for 17 years in the Information Technology field.

After my retirement, I joined Rise and Shine as an instructor. I am enjoying this opportunity to learn and grow, and have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people along the way!

I have a passion for animal rescue, and in my time away from the studio can be found volunteering at a local animal shelter. I also enjoy traveling, supporting local organizations through medical mission trips and spending time with friends and family.

Melanie Riley PT- Pilates, Spin

My passion for Pilates began through my work as a Physical Therapist.  I realized Pilates was a great tool for rehabilitation of mind and body.  I became interested enough to get certified in Mat Pilates and Reformer.  With my own practice, I have had much relief of chronic back pain due to scoliosis.

I am thrilled to combine my passions of PT and Pilates in a new way, through PT Wellness.  I offer assessments of movement and posture and help clients come up with a custom designed Pilates program specific to their individual needs.

When I’m not practicing PT and Pilates, I enjoy cooking and outdoor activities with my family.  I spend lots of time going to various activities for my kids from soccer games to musicals.


Katie Stark – Barre, Pilates and Spin

I found my passion for health and fitness after being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and celiac disease in 2006. After years of dealing with symptoms of exhaustion and weight gain I had the answers I needed to get heathy again. It was then that I decided I wanted to help people like me who struggle too. Since 2007 I have been a SPIN instructor, motivating people to change their lives and bodies. Over the years I have fallen in love with many different formats with experience as a personal trainer. Most recently I trained as a Barre and Pilates Reformer instructor. I find my joy when I am challenging and encouraging clients to achieve their fitness goals.

Christy Marsh- Mat Pilates & Nutrition

Christy Marsh is a Clinical Nutritionist, and a Reiki Master dedicated to treating the whole person. Christy is highly trained and educated to offer a whole regime of foods and herbs, energy work, body reading, and lifestyle-fitness solutions that look at the whole body! She wanted to further her studies with the mind-body connection, and found her passion in Pilates. Initially with the interest to strengthen her back from injuries she had acquired from years of dance, then the passion turned into something she couldn’t live without. She became a certified STOTT pilates teacher in 2012, and has never looked back.

Christy brings a positive spirit and light-hearted approach to the work she does; combining practical western modalities and a holistic attitude to whole body healing. Christy was trained in San Diego and had a practice in La Jolla for nearly ten years before returning to her native mid-west where she now resides. She lectures nationally on the benefits of healing within, and is thrilled to be a part of the RISE AND SHINE team.  Every day I learn something new from my students and this incredible, uplifting team.

Shannon Crim- Pilates

I began living a life focused on health and wellness after the birth of my first child in 2006.  It wasn’t until this point that I learned how important it was to take care of myself. I have always enjoyed helping others; although I thought my path was consistently geared towards helping young children. I graduated with a BA in Early Childhood Special Education from Park University and continued my career path in working with families who had young children (birth-3) with special needs. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that my gift for teaching and my love for Pilates could, in turn, help others too.  I am blessed to have the support of my husband and my 2 beautiful kids.  Together we enjoy camping, boating, rock climbing and spending time with our large family.


Jamie Milks-Nutrition Coaching

Cooking is something I have loved for as long as I can remember. So many of my memories from when I was young are centered around cooking with friends, my grandma and my dad. That love for cooking stayed with me, but when I had my two children something changed. Before Logan and EJ, my two boys, I was overly conscience about my weight and that number was my one and only measure of good health. I paid no attention to the quality of food – if you could call it “food” – that I was putting in my body. After I had kids, though, I felt a tremendous responsibility to scrutinize what I fed them and eventually what I fed myself. It was hard to let go of the number-focused diet and change to simply eating and loving unprocessed and organic food. The more I researched and experimented, though, the more I knew it was right. Not only has it has paid off in the way I look and feel, but I have a whole new (and much better!) relationship with food.

My love of natural food and cooking eventually turned into a career. As a professional cook and caterer, I worked with clients of all ages who suffered from food sensitivities and/or had been prescribed a special diet and I created nutrient-dense meals for them that were customized for their needs. I also have experience in corporate wellness and have designed curriculum and delivered training on the topics of healthy eating and cooking at dozens of locations in the Greater Kansas City area. Nowadays, I focus mostly on teaching classes on how to cook using quality organic ingredients that are sourced locally whenever possible.

Outside of teaching cooking classes, I am a local food advocate and serve on various boards around town for organizations who support a local food system. I enjoy working in our edible gardens at home, watching baseball with my boys and have been practicing Pilates for over 10 years.

Becky Blackwell RN, BSN – Wellness Coaching

Becky Blackwell RN, BSN, Certified Wellcoach and Certified Leadership Coach. Becky has worked in healthcare for over 20 years. Her specialties include behavior change, preventative health initiatives and weight loss. She enjoys partnering with individuals and those in group settings to support personal wellness goal achievement. Becky is passionate about encouraging others to find greater happiness through self-discovery and committing to a healthy balanced lifestyle.