Nutrition is an important pillar to health and wellness, but understanding how to make better choices in our diets can be overwhelming with all of the varying opinions and information that is available. Our nutrition classes teach the fundamentals of clean eating and those will be put to practice using proper cooking techniques.  Topics will vary each class, but they will all be based on whole, natural foods that are grown sustainability. Classes are open to the public.

Private Coaching & Lessons

We all face different challenges when it comes to nutrition, so one on one training is offered to hone in on exactly what you need to change your diet.  Areas of focus include, but are not limited to:qtq80-SPNlqV

Building a healthy pantry
Eating and cooking for special diets
Grocery store or farmer’s market trips
Eating healthy in a busy world
Plant-based diet

Private Nutrition Coaching (one hour)

10 lessons/ $600
5 lessons/ $325
Single lesson $70

Customized Private Cooking Lessons (2 hours)

10 lessons/$600 + Ingredients
5 lessons/ $325 + Ingredients
Single lesson $70 + Ingredients

Group Cooking & Nutrition Classes

These fun and educational cooking classes involve real-time cooking demonstrations and/or hands-on learning. Participants will enjoy samples of everything that is prepared and are welcome to bring along a bottle of wine to sip during class.

6 classes/$200
Single $30