My Mission


Flowers of water lilies on the surface of the water

I work with people who are looking for more out of life.  There is a little voice inside their heads that is telling them that something is out of balance.  Maybe it is their weight, maybe it is their health, maybe it is their relationships, maybe it’s even their mood.  They want to live more intentionally, authentically.  They want more energy and perhaps more excitement.  They want to let go of the burden of trying to be everything to everyone.  They are tired of trying to be perfect so they can win the approval of others.  They are tired of carrying around the hurts of the past that keep them from experiencing the joy of today.  They forgot who they are outside of their job and their family.  This feelings are so common.  If these resonate with you, you are not alone!

My mission is to provide a safe place of belonging and support in which individuals gain the courage, clarity and purpose needed to achieve their best physical health and emotional well-being.


The foundation is around fitness, but it’s so much more:

-It’s learning to push through the tough stuff.

-It’s finding out what strengths lie inside you.

-It’s gaining confidence to take on challenges you never thought you could.

-It’s defining what you want and going for it.

-It’s learning to take baby steps while keeping your eye on the goal.

-It’s being surrounded with others who share the same struggles.

-It’s high five-ing each other when you come out on the other side together.

-It’s looking back and realizing how far you have come.

-It’s giving all you have and getting more in return.

-It’s asking, “What can I do/ give in return”, for others.