Education and Coaching

Are you self conscious about your body?  When you look in the mirror, do you feel like you don’t recognize the person you see?  Do you criticize yourself when you try on clothes?  Do you live in a cycle of guilt about your eating habits?

How would it feel if:

You were not beating yourself up every day about your weight?  You were not exhausting your partner or yourself by constantly asking if you look “fat”?  You were not feeling angry, hopeless, depressed or STUCK?  You were set free from the guilt of taking time for yourself?You believed you were being a good role model for your children or others you love?  You had more energy to do the things you want?  The light/spark inside you returned and you were able to share that light with others?

SHINE Personal Growth


SHINE is our new Personal Growth and Resiliency program.  We will explore various topics and themes, discuss how they show up in our lives, and work on a growth mindset.   We will discuss our struggles and our lessons learned as we work together on getting better at life (or ADULTING).  Learn ways to optimize your journey though life by understanding your mindset, discovering your strengths and caring for yourself and well as others.  We know we can’t eliminate stress from our lives, but we can learn to live better with stress.

Classes are held the second and forth Wednesdays of the month and are included in our memberships.  However, everyone is welcome and classes can be purchased for $15.

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Nutrition and Healthy LivingOur nutrition programs take the focus away from calorie counting and help you understand how food heals your mind and body. Our current series is about seasonal eating and how to nurture your body through designing specific dishes that target internal organs associated with the time of the year.

Holistic Nutrition classes are offered the first and third Monday of the Month from 6:30- 7:30 PM.  These classes are included as part of the monthly memberships, however everyone is welcome and classes can be purchased for $15.

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Weight Loss

Aligned - LogoOur 10 Week Group Weight Management program covers nutrition, physical activity and stress management.  These group coaching sessions provide a supportive environment to learn from and connect with others. During the program, participants learn to harness their motivation, increase their energy and self compassion,  and how to make lasting changes in their diet and activity.  Most importantly they learn they are not alone and develop lasting friendships.   Participants receive a complete workbook with lessons, recipes, workouts, meditations and more.

The next session of Align will be held on Tuesday evenings from 6:00- 7:30 PM beginning January 3rd and running to March 7th.

The cost is $250.

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My Time to Shine LogoOur early morning workout program with new registration each month.  We meet from 6:30- 7:40 AM three times a week.  Each session includes group coaching and a workout.   It’s worth it to get up in the morning when you can look forward to seeing your new friends and sharing a laugh!

Individual Coaching sessions can also be scheduled and we can cover any of the above material.  We can focus on your greatest needs at the present time.